Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit

Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit

The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit is a product that should be on every active construction site where erosion and sediment control is required.The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit is housed in a plastic tote which makes it very easy to store on site, ship to a site, and prevents it from getting wet. The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit has everything you need to start treating dirty water, with a setup time of only 15 minutes!

The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit contains:

1) 3 x Tigerfloc flocculant Belts/Socks

2) A hose adapter/tube with all required fittings; 

3) 1 - 14' x 14' Dewatering Bag ; and

4) Zap straps (zip ties) for securing the various components, and a Tigerfloc hat for keeping the rain off your head!

This dewatering kit can be kept safely on site and never used if not needed. None of the contents have an expiry date, so you are able to take the kit to your next project and set it up there if required.

Having the Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit on site is a piece of mind knowing that within 15 minutes you can have a functional water treatment system set up able to successfully treat up to 100 gallons per minute of water prior to discharging site water off site while remaining compliant with your local Municipality to avoid fines, getting shut down, or both.

Please watch the following video showing how to set up your Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit:

For more information or to purchase a Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit for your site, please give All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. a call at (778) 230-4174.

 Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit in Action:



All Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kits are manufactured in Canada by Floc Systems Inc.