ESC Info and Bylaws

ESC Info and Bylaws

All-Terrain Consulting specializes in the analysis of construction sites and erosion and sediment control drawings to determine the best, easiest, and cheapest methods of improving site conditions. By modifying erosion and sediment control materials and methodology on site, we can often provide a significant cost savings to the developer.

For the easiest way to prevent ESC issues with water run-off from your contruction sites, check out Tigerfloc flocculant belts that can be placed in water flow where turbidity, heavy metals, or hydrocarbons exist to accelerate particle deposition (i.e. sediment ponds, swales, pumped water) and keep your site clean.

For ESC bylaws and applications, scroll down to find relevant ESC information for your municipality:

British Columbia

City of Abbotsford ESC Bylaw

City of Burnaby Sediment Control Information

City of Coquitlam ESC Bylaw and Applications

City of Maple Ridge ESC - Schedule "A" Watercourse Protection Bylaw

City of Maple Ridge ESC - Schedule "D" ESC Plan Monitor's Letter of Appointment and Inspection

City of Maple Ridge ESC - Schedule "E" ESC Monitor's Letter of Appointment

City of Nanaimo ESC Bylaw and Information

City of North Vancouver ESC Bylaw and Requirements

City of Surrey Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Bylaw and Applications

City of Surrey ESC Application Package 2017

City of Vancouver ESC Bylaw and Application (sites less than 600m²)

City of Vancouver ESC Bylaw and Application (sites more than 600m²)

District of North Vancouver Environmental Protection and Preservation Bylaw

District of West Vancouver ESC Bylaw and Application as part of the Watercourse Protection Bylaw

District of West Vancouver - Confirmation of Commitment by ESC Supervisor Form

Township of Langley ESC Schedule "A" and "C" Applications



City of Calgary ESC Bylaw Info and Applications

Town of Cochrane ESC Guidelines

City of Edmonton ESC Info


Watercourse/Streamside Protection Bylaw Information:

City of Surrey

City of Surrey - "Sensitive Ecosystem Development Permit Area and Zoning By-law Streamside Protection Setbacks" - New Watercourse/Streamside Protection Bylaw - Adopted July 25, 2016


Province of British Columbia

Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Assessment Methods