Bird Nesting Surveys

Bird Nesting Surveys

On sites located in the City of Surrey which require tree removal as part of the clearing stage, a bird nest survey will be required if the clearing activity occurs between March and August.

The Bird Nesting Survey usually involves a minimum of two site visits performed on back-to-back days (at least one of the visits being at sunrise when most bird activity is recorded), with a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) criss-crossing the site and observing all bird activity while at the same time actively looking for any nesting activity.

All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. has several QEPs that are able to complete your Bird Nesting Survey in a timely manner: all we need is the arborist's site plan showing which trees are being proposed for removal.

Once we have the two site visits completed, we can produce the Bird Nesting Report the same day given the fact that Bird Nesting Surveys are time sensitive, and once conducted, the contractor usually has between 3 to 5 days to remove the trees. If an extension is needed, the site will often need to be reassessed to ensure that no new bird activity has begun.

Below, All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. has outlined the complete information regarding Bird Nesting Surveys in the City of Surrey.

  1. Purpose and Background:

    • Breeding bird surveys are conducted to ensure that no bird or its nest is harmed during tree cutting activities.
    • In British Columbia, breeding birds are protected under Section 34 of the Wildlife Act and the Migratory Bird Convention Act.
    • Under Section 34, it is an offense to possess, take, injure, molest, or destroy a bird, its egg, or an occupied nest.
    • In Surrey, birds typically nest and rear young between March 1 and August 31.
  2. Survey Requirements:

  3. Land Clearing Plan:

    • The Land Clearing Plan incorporates the results of the breeding bird survey.
    • If the QEP’s recommendations differ from the Provincial Best Management Practices (BMPs), the report must explain why and how.
    • The QEP professionally signs/stamps the Land Clearing Plan, accepting liability for its recommendations.
  4. Standards and Best Practices:

  5. Submission and Contact:

    • Submit the breeding bird surveys and Land Clearing Plan to for review.
    • For nests of species listed in subsection 34(b) of the Wildlife Act, inquire about the Protected Species Management Plan Terms of Reference by emailing

For any questions or pricing regarding Bird Nesting Surveys, please call or text us at: (778) 230-4174 

Terms of Reference: Bird Breeding Survey in the City of Surrey - March 2023