Planning, Environmental, and Engineering Property Feasibility Reports

Planning, Environmental, and Engineering Property Feasibility Reports

All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. specializes in providing our clients with Planning, Environmental, and Engineering Property Feasibilities - in one all-inclusive report.

These feasibility reports analize the property in question, and determine the highest and best use for development. At times the clients are interested  in determining their property's future potential and value, and in other cases it may be for a simple subdivision.

Many real estate agents (realtors) and their clients have seen a benefit in having a property feasibility report to present to potential buyers when questions such as property dimensions, watercourse setbacks, total developable area, upgrades required by the City, tree removal, survey, and utility hook up locations are asked.

Also provided in the property feasibility report is a cost summary for all services that the development will likely encounter (applications to the City, survey, engineering, environmental approvals, geotechnical studies, planning consulting, tree removal costs, etc), and several property development layout possibilities.

The property feasibility report also provides two very important things when undertaking a new potential property and development: 1) Excellent advice which will likely save large costs, and 2) Consulting knowledge from experts in their field.