Property Feasibility Studies

Property Feasibility Studies

Property Feasibility Studies

Whether buying, selling, subdividing, or densifying a development property, the best first step is to have a property feasibility report done on the site to determine its current "as-is" value, as well as its future, potential value once redeveloped.

When undertaking a property feasibility study for undeveloped sites, it is essential to look at three things: the planning aspects of the site, the environmental features, and the engineering component.

The planning portion of a property feasibility can save a lot of time while going through the development process, by: 1) assessing what may or may not be possible - development wise; 2) designing a site layout that best suits the site; and 3) potential for site re-zoning or higher density development - allowing the client to increase the value of the property.

The environmental portion of a property feasibility will also save a lot of time by knowing if any environmental features on site will require preservation, can be removed, can be compensated for, or if the site has no issues that may hold up the development process.

Finally, the engineering component of a property feasibility will outline all the necessary costs for infrastructure such as roadways, water, sewer or septic, and electricity. Civil works, soils, and foundations can also be looked at to estimate those costs.

On top of the above-mentioned three studies, we also provide a potential lot layout in AutoCAD showing the developable and buildable area.

All-Terrain Consulting is able to put these property feasibility reports together in several weeks; the result of which often being a higher-valued property for the client, with the development potential clearly explained.