Tigerfloc Belts/Socks

Tigerfloc Belts/Socks

Tigerfloc flocculant belts/socks are the perfect choice for sediment control when dealing with active or passive water treatment on construction sites. These Tigerfloc flocculant belts/socks are used in exactly the same way as the other flocculant belts, but have the advantage of working 50% better, under all water temperatures and pH, and not only remove the turbidity in waste water, but also help remove heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and glycols.

Sediment Control Uses: Placed in water flow where turbidity, heavy metals, or hydrocarbons exist to accelerate particle deposition (i.e. sediment ponds, swales, pumped water).Product Description: Sewn nylon mesh with four, ½ lb. sealed pouches of Tigerfloc inserted along the flocculant belt length. Nylon loop at top for attachment ease to hooks, carabiners, string, etc. For optimal performance maintain Tigerfloc belt/sock wet at all times.

Approximate Dimensions: 36” (L) x 5.5” (W) x 2” (H)

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All Tigerfloc Belts/Socks are manufactured in Canada.