Tigerfloc Flocculant for waste water treatment

Tigerfloc Flocculant

To lower the water turbidity for erosion and sediment control site run-off and for industrial wastewater treatment, the flocculant Tigerfloc is now available.

Tigerfloc flocculant is granular and very easy to use, works faster and better than Chitosan flocculant, and is more cost effective. Whether you require removal of fine sediment, hydrocarbons, or heavy metals from your waste water, Tigerfloc flocculant works quickly to remove all contaminants.Tigerfloc can be applied directly into the water for contaminant removal, or can be used passively by pumping water over a Tigerfloc Belt/Sock to reduce the water turbidity.

Advantages to using Tigerfloc:

  • Increased Settling Rates 
  • Heavy Metals Removal 
  • Meets US EPA TCLP (toxicity testing) 
  • Works Over Broader pH Ranges (4 to 12) 
  • Unaffected by low temperatures
  • Reduced Costs     

Application Rates: Please consult a sales representative
Packaging: 50-lb. Bags of Granular Tigerfloc or Tigerfloc Belts/Socks (5 per box)

If you would like to place an order or would like more information please contact All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. at (778) 230-4174 or at info@atconsulting.ca


All Tigerfloc products are manufactured in Canada.