Environmental Hardships and Development Variance Permits

Environmental Hardships and Development Variance Permits

Posted on: 02 Apr, 2014

All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. has encountered many cases of Environmental Hardships when applying for Development Permits at the local municipalities. Property owners and developers become concerned with a reduced building footprint given the required property line setbacks, as well as setbacks from environmental features on the subject property such as watercourses, ditches, or other environmentally sensitive features.

All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. has gained valuable experience when dealing with these issues, and has now begun to offer services related to Environmental Hardship cases when applying for development permits. By All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. applying also for a variance on this permit, along with a justification letter and site layouts, we can often accomplish a reduction in setbacks from the environmental features on site.

All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. strives to find a balance that helps to protect the valuable environmental features and their associated habitat on the site, while at the same time keeping the property owner and/or developer in mind, and helping them to achieve their development goals.

On your next or current project, give All-Terrain Consulting Ltd. a call at (778) 230-4174 to discuss possibilities on your site that is undergoing issues with environmental features.